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From small-scale projects to HIV/AIDS programmes, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) are everywhere in the developing world. However well meaning they may be, their programmes epitomise low horizons and often get up the noses of everyone – from fishermen to shanty town inhabitants – and even make them laugh out loud. Shot in Ghana, Godbless, Wofa, De Roy and local fishermen and women loathe the peanuts offered and sanctimonious lessons in good behaviour. They want jobs and material advancement, and for NGOs and aid agencies to stop treating them like children. As Godbless tells us: "Africans have big brains, big aspirations... and want to live in liberty."



Keeping Africa Small has been selected for screening at the prestigious London Independent Film Festival. The festival runs from April 14-19, 2008 at the National Film Theatre at the BFI Southbank and the Curzon Renoir in London.


For full programme details visit the festival website.


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