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Calais No Borders Camp pictures and words by Jessica Mudditt


Keep border police out of universities by Patrick Hayes


Moving on the human rights debate by Luke Gittos


Living in filth is no lifestyle choice by Sadhvi Sharma


We have nothing to loos but our chains by Rob Lyons


Immigrants: The more the merrier by Nathalie Rothschild


It's time to unwrap 'Oxfam Unwrapped' by Natalie Rothschild


Let's ditch this 'nostalgia for mud' by Rob Harris


That's enough 'Corruptababble' by Ceri Dingle



New Books


From Fatwa to Johad

From Fatwa to Jihad: The Rushdie Affair and its legacy by Kenan Malik


Can I Recycle My Granny?

Can I recycle my Granny? by Ethan Greenhart


Recommended Blogs


Ferraris for All by Daniel Ben Ami


Comment is free by Brendan O'Neill


UK after the recession blog by Rob Killick

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Make Citizen TV: The charity's online Citizen TV channel

WORLDbytes, provides six week volunteer-learner packages which deliver high impact reports for broadcast across the web. Apply online here.


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Bloomberg have not only supported the development of our Citizen TV project but the top production team at Bloomberg TV created an amazing curriculum for our volunteer-learners to understand professional programme making.



Flush itCorruptababbleThe More the MerrierThe More the MerrierThe More the MerrierThe More the MerrierThe More the MerrierThe More the Merrier

Watch these: WORLDwrite's documentaries are raising much needed debate. Watch the trailers, read more and get the DVDs.

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Illegals go home?

‘In the UK illegally? Go home or face arrest.’ Says the warning sign on the home office van. Never mind parking their ludicrous van, WORLDbytes has a better solution as revealed in this 30 second short. Please send this video link to your MP. Watch on WORLDbytes.


Making History: John Wilkes Forgotten Hero

The battles Wilkes fought in the 18th century laid the basis for press freedom in Britain and beyond. In this intriguing report we learn of his debauched antics, time imprisoned in the Tower and willingness to go all the way for liberty. Watch on WORLDbytes.


Open Borders: Tiba's story
Tiba was an asylum seeker from Eritrea. Now living in Brixton, she explains the only racism she ever experienced was from the home office. Watch on WORLDbytes.


Austerity: Don't reinvent the Blitz
Whilst austerity now trips off the lips of every politician Jean, Doris and Andy, who lived through the Blitz in East London, give us their account of rationing and hope no one will ever go through that again. Watch on WORLDbytes.


Sex in the brain: do men and women think differently?
We don't think so, but the debate gets heated with 'scientism' insisting male and female capabilities are fixed. This debate formed part of the Battle for our Brains strand at the Battle of Ideas. Watch on WORLDbytes.


Fair Trade leaves a "Bitter Aftertaste"

WORLDwrite have re-launched this critical short film on fair trade. Shot in Ghana and the UK in 2004, its message remains vital. Watch it above and click on the viddler link to download, share or embed. The film is also available on DVD from the WORLDwrite Shop.

The Wide Angle: Comedy & the war on terror
In this bar chat, film buffs discuss the insightful comedies, Four Lions and In the Loop. As the Boston marathon explosions pose an uncanny resemblance to the plot in Four Lions, the points made are timely. Watch on WORLDbytes.


Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything is Possible Trailer

WORLDwrite's feature length documentary on the suffragette and revolutionary Sylvia Pankhurst is packed with little-known facts, rare archive imagery, expert interviews and exclusive testimony from Sylvia's son, Richard Pankhurst and his wife Rita. The film is now available to buy on DVD and the film's website can be accessed here.


Flush it

As recent news pumps out warnings about water scarcity and a new report from the European Environment Agency warns the continent's water resources are under pressure, Flush it makes things crystal clear - water can never run out. Please visit the Flush it website for much more and buy the DVD here.


2011 UK IT Industry Awards - Medallist

WORLDbytes was chosen as a medallist in the UK IT Industry Awards 2011 for the Community Project of the Year.


WORLDbytes wins the Nominet Highly Commended award


WORLDbytes wins the Nominet Highly Commended award

Since launching WORLDbytes our Citizen TV channel we have produced over 300 reports that challenge the status quo and bring new ideas to the fore. Over 700 young volunteers have been involved in producing challenging programmes on a huge range of issues. We would like to say well done to everyone involved. Watch the latest programmes on our Citizen TV channel here.



Tech4Good Awards 2011

WORLDbytes was selected as a Community Voices finalist for the Technology 4 Good awards.



DEA 2010 Winner