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Recommended Articles


Calais No Borders Camp pictures and words by Jessica Mudditt


Keep border police out of universities by Patrick Hayes


Moving on the human rights debate by Luke Gittos


Living in filth is no lifestyle choice by Sadhvi Sharma


We have nothing to loos but our chains by Rob Lyons


Immigrants: The more the merrier by Nathalie Rothschild


It's time to unwrap 'Oxfam Unwrapped' by Natalie Rothschild


Let's ditch this 'nostalgia for mud' by Rob Harris


That's enough 'Corruptababble' by Ceri Dingle



New Books


From Fatwa to Johad

From Fatwa to Jihad: The Rushdie Affair and its legacy by Kenan Malik


Can I Recycle My Granny?

Can I recycle my Granny? by Ethan Greenhart


Recommended Blogs


Ferraris for All by Daniel Ben Ami


Comment is free by Brendan O'Neill


UK after the recession blog by Rob Killick

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Check out the WORLDwrite projects below.

WORLDbytes WORLDbytes is the groundbreaking online news channel
London Behind the Scenes The London Behind the Scenes project involves developing online, on film and on foot tours
Ticking our Boxes Ticking our Boxes is taking a look at what's hot and not in volunteering
Wofa Wants Everything Wofa wants... everything. This appeal is not about pity
Corruptababble Dispelling one of the biggest development lies
Emerging Economies The Emerging Economies forum will get you thinking
Campaigning for Open Borders The campaign for Open Borders needs you
Flush it Presenting the case for modern amenities for our peers globally

The Pricking the Missionary Position film series

Keeping Africa Small Keeping Africa Small exposes the West's big mistake
Subsistence Farmer I'm a subsistence farmer... get me out of here!... says it all
Think BIG Think BIG, Africans are
Damned by Debt Relief Damned by Debt Relief shows Ghanaians have not been fooled
A Letter to Geldof The rock star must lose his title

Past projects: there are many, but a couple to peruse are:

The Bitter Aftertaste FairTrade leaves a bitter aftertaste
Breaking Boundaries One of the first to critique multiculturalism