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Berekum Arsenal are a young football team in Ghana who have taken on the Arsenal name in  the footsteps of the British club. Each season they have been promoted to a higher division and are currently top of the first division. With the introduction next season of the Ghanaian Premier League, the boys are hoping for an automatic place in the new Premiership. However, promotion means more games and more travelling but unlike British clubs Berekum Arsenal do not have any means of transport. This is where WORLDwrite are hoping you can help. At the moment it would take one Berekum Arsenal player 30 years to earn what one of our Premier League players earns in a week. To help this youthful, aspirant team have the chances we take for granted in Britain, WORLDwrite volunteers are fund-raising to buy Berekum Arsenal a bus. This will enable the team to travel to away games and use it as a local shuttle bus to help them earn enough to keep it on the road. . Help make Berekum Arsenalıs dreams come true, read more about it email worldwrite@easynet.co.uk or phone Clare on 01268 455699 or 07977 277 256 or phone the WORLDwrite Centre on 0181 985 5435.  


Dear Friends My name is Clare Horan. I am 19 years old and a volunteer with the Charity WORLDwrite. WORLDwrite is a British Youth Education Charity which actively challenges western assumptions and prejudices about the developing world. WORLDwrite arranges Youth Exchanges with the developing world and this year I have been fortunate enough to be selected to take part in an exchange visit to Ghana.

I am very excited about this trip as not only will I learn a great deal but part of our itinerary will be to visit a village called Berekum to meet the Berekum Arsenal team, for whom I am running an appeal. Berekum is situated near Sunyani in Western Ghana where the whole community is football mad! The team play in kits kindly donated at the end of every season by Arsenal fans themselves and they have to rely on donations for even the most basic equipment such as balls and football boots.

My aim when I visit this village is to be able to present the Berekum Arsenal team with £3,000 so that they can buy a bus to use for travelling to away games. They will also be able to use it as a shuttle service in the Brong Ahafo region, which will help them earn enough to keep the bus on the road.

I am writing in the hope that you will be able to assist the Berekum Bus appeal by making a donation. All donors will be acknowledged and major supporters will be recognised by having their names placed on the side of the bus where they will be seen as it travels around Ghana.

If you need any further information on WORLDwrite or the bus appeal then please do not hesitate to contact me on 01268 455699 or 07977 277 256 or phone the WORLDwrite Centre on 0181 985 5435. If you are able to assist, please make cheques payable to WORLDwrite-Berekum Appeal and send them to the address below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards Clare Horan.

WORLDwrite Centre

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