Corruptababble will premiere at The Battle of Ideas festival on Sunday 28th October 2007. The Battle of Ideas is an annual weekend festival held in London that is committed to open, frank and robust discussions about key ideas of our times. The Battle for Africa Strand is a new addition to the festival this year and features an exciting line-up of debates and speakers that will discuss key issues in three crucial debates:

  1. Saving Africa: The West’s new moral mission?
  2. Trade, aid or development?
  3. The new Silk Road or scramble for Africa: What does China mean for the sub-Saharan continent?

Corruptababble coincides perfectly with these debates. The new documentary challenges conventional wisdom with upfront interviews and extraordinary and strident satire. Are corrupt greedy regimes and war lords so widespread? Should developing countries be monitored and measured for their application of "good governance" to stem corrupt tendencies? Is poverty the product of third world gangsters, thieving politicians and corporate fraudsters? No, the film suggests, but our obsession with corruption is endemic and dangerous.


Please visit the Battle of Ideas website to purchase a ticket for this fantastic festival and to catch the premiere of Corruptababble!