Contributors (in order of appearance)
Brendon Sissing Filmmaker and WORLDwrite volunteer
Yolanda Mufweba Journalist and WORLDwrite volunteer
Kim Dunn Director, Equisave Scotland
Leon Louw South African Lawyer and Author
Prof. Deepak Lal Professor of Int. Dev. Studies, University of California, USA
Dr. Peter Kaznacheev Adviser to the Administration of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin
James Shikwati Director, Inter Region Economic Network, Kenya
Tseidal Tasfamarian WORLDwrite volunteer
Martin Krause Dean of ESEADE University, Argentina
Laurence Cockroft Director, Transparency International
Barrie Collins Researcher, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
The following WORLDwrite volunteers formed the cast for the satirical vignettes:
Ben Lotz Arms dealer
Della Praia Canguya Robber, arms dealer, brothel client, diamond dealer and warlord’s henchman
Andy Hirst  Arms dealer and fraudster
Max Tchimanga Pimp and fraudster
India Rose Gebler Prostitute and white slave
Adelard Nibigira African warlord and king
Luiz Sena Robber
Niall Crowley Chauffeur
Junaid Faizullah Drug baron
Hugh Peto Drug dealer and diamond buyer
With special thanks to the numerous individuals who contributed interviews and comments in Edinburgh, Stirling and Wood Green, London.
Ceri Dingle Director
Viv Regan Producer
Yolanda Mufweba Assistant Director
Sadhavi Sharma Assistant Producer
Rachel James Assistant Producer
Esme Young Assistant Producer
Brendon Sissing Cinematography and Camera
Andy Hirst Cinematography and Camera
Ian Foster Cinematography and Camera
Junaid Faizullah Additional Camera Work
Max Tchimanga Additional Camera Work
Lexzecia Cayneeo Sound
Helen Sewell Production Assistant and Research
Alice Buckee Research and Development
Nathalie Rothschild Research and Development
Hugh Peto Research and Development
Ceri Dingle Editor
Sandra Carvalho Vignette Editor
Balint Tusor Online Editor
Andy Doyle Post-production Sound Engineer
Kyle Duncan Web Design
Nathan Furlonge Graphic Design
Federica Marcello Graphic Design Assistant
Athanasia Pappas Post-production Assistant
Angela Kolongo Post-production Assistant
Carol Dodsworth Film Logging
Asmita Damania Film Logging
Keresha Thomas Film Logging
Franklina Grahl Film Logging
With special thanks to IPN for permission to film their Global Development Summit, 2005.