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What is the project about?
Breaking Boundaries is a programme aiming to bring young people together from different backgrounds and cultures to explore what they have in common.
There are lots of advantages to growing up in a cosmopolitan city like London, where cultures are treated as equal and diversity is celebrated, but there are some disadvantages too. Young people often feel labelled and boxed in cultural groups, losing the capability to define themselves and to choose what they want to be. Too great an emphasis on diversity may also have adverse effects since it elevates difference and may prevent individuals and groups from really getting to know each other. It may also generate competition for resources among ‘cultural groups’.

Breaking Boundaries provides a challenge to attitudes and ideas which set people against one another. With a range of practical activities and tools designed by young volunteers, the programme seeks to help young people understand each other as equal citizens of the world, and to realise that culture can be something that they can choose from, rather than something that they naturally belong to for all time.

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