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From Fatwa to Johad

From Fatwa to Jihad: The Rushdie Affair and its legacy by Kenan Malik


Can I Recycle My Granny?

Can I recycle my Granny? by Ethan Greenhart


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Film Facility


WORLDwrite's film projects are ongoing. We started with a small club and now have a good film facility with some excellent gear, a pool of professional tutors, Avid editing suites and many talented volunteers. All of our films are about advancing new knowledge and promoting international understanding from a fresh perspective. You can view our completed films and projects by clicking on a project icon from the right-hand column of this page.


We also have crews available to shoot external events and conferences, complete with all of the necessary equipment. Whilst you will find our crews cheaper than commercial operations, we do still have to charge for this service. Please get in touch if this interests you.


Below are details of the Shoot for All Volunteers: Intensive Short Summer Course of documentary film training, which we ran in 2007. We will be repeating this course for active volunteers in the future as well as holding special training days. We can also offer tailor-made short courses to organisations interested in using documentary film. This is not free, however, but please do get in touch if interested.


As a result of last year's course, volunteers are now completing a film examining volunteering itself, entitled Ticking our Boxes. This short documentary will have its own web pages soon and more volunteers are needed to help promote its cutting-edge message.

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Ticking our Boxes

Volunteering is officially "good". Why? What's good about voluntary work, what's bad, why do we do it, what impact does it have, what's great, what's loathsome? From up-front interviews to personal stories to expert evidence, this is a film made by volunteers who have questioned, probed and committed their findings to film. Made to professional broadcast standard, this documentary uncovers aspects of youth volunteering that rarely get a hearing. The WORLDwrite crew aim to ensure the truth gets screened. Get in touch if you'd like to help out on this project.


The Shoot for All Volunteers course details (from 2007)

This was a campaigning programme for young volunteers aged 16 to 25 who felt strongly about global inequality, wanted to make an impact and wanted to use film to do it. Free documentary film training was provided by TV and film professionals. Volunteers worked on short films investigating contemporary themes. Click here to download a full course pack in PDF format, which contains more information about the course.



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