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From Fatwa to Johad

From Fatwa to Jihad: The Rushdie Affair and its legacy by Kenan Malik


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Can I recycle my Granny? by Ethan Greenhart


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Film screenings and presentations available now!


WORLDwrite presentations are delivered by specialists and are available for schools, colleges, universities and community organisations. The presentations provide students with an opportunity to gain fresh insights on the developing world through the eyewitness accounts of their peers. Based on short documentary films, these presentations aim to stimulate debate and discussion on topical issues, including sustainable development, debt relief, corruption, subsistence life, NGOs and development.

Please use the project icons from the right-hand column of this page to view trailers, FAQs and reviews of the films currently available for screening.


Presentations normally take a minimum of one hour, including discussion time. From A Level to postgraduate level, presentations and screenings can be adapted to suit curriculum requirements or for use in assemblies or informal meetings. They have been successfully delivered across the UK in over 700 schools, colleges, universities and community centres to date.


For more information or to arrange a screening and invite a presenter to your institution please call Ceri Dingle or Viv Regan on 020 8985 5435 or email us.


Comments from presentations


"Brilliant! It's refreshing to see such passionate speakers looking at the Real story and not western rhetoric. I look forward to hearing and seeing more of your material in the future, and hope that you will be very successful in educating people in THIS country about true 'development'."

Steven Ortega, Student, Churchill College, Cambridge


"I think that the work you are doing is phenomenal and you are truly inspirational speakers. Thank you and well done in the success of your project!"

Sarah Warren, Student, Cambridge University


"I thought the film was a very positive depiction of another part of African life. We are constantly confronted with a one dimensional view of Africa, normally the poverty and illnesses but people don't realise that there are people who are living just like us and it isn't a constant state of depression. I wish they should show more films like this in the U.S."

Wanja Wambu, Architect/Grad Student


"Thank you so much for a very worthwhile talk. You presented your experiences with great authority. The delivery style was clear and enthusiastic and you obviously have a deep understanding of the political, social and economic forces that underpin life in Brazil."

Mrs D. P. Lennie - Head of Year 13, Sharnbrook Upper School and Community College, Bedfordshire


"I feel the films were an excellent portrayal of the diversity of one situation in certain parts of Africa. As a Ghanaian raised in London I feel it's important that people understand that we are not helpless people. I do however feel that it would be interesting to see how people in poorer parts of Africa are developing themselves and progressing, because I'm sure they're not all helpless and sufferers."

Amma Gyan, Designer, Wear Me Ltd


"The day was a clear success with many positive comments about the day... Many young people were involved in the planning, development and delivery of the day, their involvement is being used by many of them towards school and college course work. I have received many complimentary and positive comments about the workshop you delivered."

Maralyn Smith - Youth Worker, Milton Keynes Council


"Excellent. I loved the immediacy. Intelligent comments about the reality (and the romantic image) of people's lives. The film was a real achievement; so professional, without losing any of the immediacy of an amateur shoot. I'm sure it will stimulate a lot of discussion wherever you show it."

Ann Henderson - Project Manager Brazil, GAP International Projects for Youth Exchange


"Finally, a fresh and true reflection of so-called 'development'... The only question left is what do I say to Grandma when I open the envelope to see that 'I' have donated a goat? I think I will just show the DVDs."

Grace Devlin, Teacher/Researcher, University of Oxford


"Very watchable, very clear message challenging assumptions."

Maria McKay - Head of VI Form, Woodford County High School, London


"I have never encountered this perspective before; your film was stimulating and inspiring. The most salient aspect for me was the highlighting of the limited thinking applied by NGOs which feeds into the potentially harmful assumptions about development."

Jennifer Wills, Trainee Psychologist


"The images captured by the young WORLDwrite travellers in Brazil revealed the broader picture of reality in the Amazon. The video clearly shows the need to give priority to human beings when considering sustainable development."

Tovar Nunes - First Secretary, Brazilian Embassy, London


"I think you were definitely right to explore and document the alternative to the current prevalent opinions... well done for highlighting the issues!!"

Katie Tams - Student, Queen Mary and Westfield College, London


"Finally, a discussion about Africa that involves Africans!! It is a shame 'Sir' Bob made himself unavailable for comment - maybe another chief ceremony will entice him out of hiding?? Both films were thought provoking and shown Africa in another light-away from the usual AIDS, poverty, famine etc - well done!"

Desiree Weston


"Excellent - the film, the stance, everything. Good luck taking it around the schools - it's always very difficult and very important to pass on your experiences and knowledge. But I wish you every success."

Gill Woods - Youth Development, AFS International Education Programmes