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Ditch the "Sustainababble": The WORLDwrite Summit for Serious Development


Date: 23/04/2002


Previous Location: WORLDwrite homepage


Headline: Ditch the "Sustainababble" and the WSSD


Story: As summiteers pontificate in Johannesburg, the UK based education charity and NGO WORLDwrite, has released a critical memorandum arguing in no uncertain terms that this summit is worse than useless.


Director Ceri Dingle said today, "this summit is not about serious development and promises a bleak future for the developing world. The whole sustainability mantra should be ditched."


WORLDwrite has an inspiring track record of creating links between young people across the globe. It is volunteer led and run, passionately people first and its volunteers are angry that the millions spent on this summit will do nothing to better the lives of people in the developing world. A full copy of the critical memorandum is attached.


For interviews or further information contact the WORLDwrite centre on 020 8985 5435 or email world.write@btconnect.com.


WSSD - The WORLDwrite Summit for Serious Development - Wednesday 12th June 2002.


Download The WORLDwrite Critical Charter (PDF format)


You will need Adobe Reader to view this document. Click here to download it.